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  • Multiple Loading Types: Blast, impact, earthquake, uniform & hydrostatic pressure loads.

  • Variety of Materials: Simulate the breaking of steel, composite, reinforced concrete, brick, aluminum, and glass... to name a few. Or make up your own material to get the behavior you want.

  • 3D Non-linear Simulation: Fully non-linear dynamic simulation of 3D models.

  • Pre-meshed Models: Models are pre-meshed and connected, thus no time is lost adjusting the model mesh and its connectivity.

  • Standalone User Interface: The SLAM FX interface provides an environment where you can intuitively create detailed 3D models and structures... and break them.

  • Advanced Modeling Tools: Structural elements are modeled using styles, while uncommon shapes can be modeled using custom elements. The GUI gives the user complete control over each detail in the model.

  • Integrated with Industry Standard Tools: Plug-ins for 3D Studio Max and Maya allow for the import of models and the export of baked animation generated by the SLAM FX solver.

  • Automatic Crack Initiation & Propagation: Non-linear simulation of the initiation and propagation of cracks based on the material properties and mesh topology of models.

  • Automatic Fracture of Models: SLAM FX automatically fractures geometry based on its material tolerances and tracks the impact of debris on adjacent geometries within the system.

  • Multiple Output Presentation Formats: Present your output in animated charts and movies.

  • Automatic Mesh Adjustment: Mesh will adjust itself automatically with the insertion of any new component or element to eliminate any overlapping or intersection.

  • Staged Loading: Create scenarios with multiple sequential stages for easy setup of complex scenarios.

  • 32 and 64-bit solvers: For increased number of elements.
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